Adults and teens usually get all of the fun, high tech-tech gadgets, while kids are left googly eyed wanting to play with them and wishing for their own. But wait no more: This one’s for kids.

The Kurio Watch, from KD Interactive, is a versatile, functional, and stylish smartwatch built just for kids ages 6 and up. The watch has a sleek design that matches any adult smartwatch and gets rid of the lug piece, so all kids have to do is easily snap the band to put it on. Available in pink, purple, or blue, the bright colors make the watch kid friendly while providing enough options for any kid to pick out and love.

The watch itself is just the right size to fit comfortable on any kids’ arm. The square touch screen has curves around its edges, and the resolution is super clear with vibrant colors. Best of all, the watch comes preloaded with—wait for it—20 apps with everything kids could ever need, so they won’t have to worry about downloading additional apps and parents can be assured that there is safe built-in content. The watch also comes with 256MB of internal memory, and can be expanded 32GB with a microSD card, enough space for all of the selfies and messages in the world.

Kids can customize both the watch face and the home screen with lots of theme options, including Transformers and Littlest Pet Shop. Kids can also easily access features such as a flashlight, the camera, volume, Bluetooth, and In Case of Emergency information.


The Kurio Watch lets kids listen to their favorite music, encourages them to get up and active with an activity tracker, and even lets them draw little doodles. The included games feature oldie but goodies, such as Tic Tac Toe, but my favorites are the ones that require wrist movement—including Ninja Roll (where you roll a ninja around a maze), Snake (tilting the watch makes the snake move), and Air Music (in which air guitar is literally possible). The camera is perfect for taking photos, and there’s even a photo filter app, which overlays silly images on top of the camera, so kids can pretend to turn into a gorilla or magically grow a mustache. Plus, the watch also comes with everything kids would expect from a smartwatch, including a calculator, a calendar, and reminders—and ya know, telling time itself.

What really sets the Kurio Watch apart from others on the market are the multiple ways the watch uses its Bluetooth function. First, kids can connect their watches with each other to send text messages, voice recordings, photos, emojis, and more. They can even challenge each other with two-player games, such as Tic Tac Toe or Pirates Battle. Or, kids can connect their watch to an adult’s or their own smartphone, which allows them to send messages use the watch as a hands-free headset and actually make phone calls (with no additional phone plan required!). Yes, you read that correctly! I tried this out and called a couple of people in my office, and the people on the other line were able to hear me loud and clear. The future is now.

Wearable tech is more popular than ever before, and the Kurio Watch gives kids their own full experience with a price that’s hard to beat.