Being a parent is tough enough without having to deal with the constant wave of child rebellion and their overwhelming desire to freely explore the interwebs. I mean, the World Wide Web has everything. It’s worldwide. Now I’m no parent, but I’ve been around enough pre-teens to know that finding a balance between work and play is about as easy as prying the iPhone from their kung-fu grip when it’s time to hit the books.

The Kurio Smart 2-in-1 Windows Laptop Tablet, by KD Group, might help shoulder that load. Dubbed a 2-in-1 for students, the Kurio Smart is more than a tablet, and not just a personal computer. It’s designed for kids ages 6 and up, and brought to you by a company that specializes in creating educational and innovative technology for young folk. So, (spoiler alert) as we move forward with this review, take comfort in knowing that you’re going to like what you read.

It’s become pretty common for me to run through the physical aspects of a product before I dive headfirst into all the fancy specs and features. As pedestrian as it may be, it’s my version of an appetizer, and warms me up for the main course. Despite the light blue trim that runs along all four sides, the Kurio Smart looks and feels quite like an iPad, which earns itself a gold star in my book. Apple has maximum exposure, and they’re most likely at the forefront of kids’ brains when it comes to tablets and other handheld devices. The tech world is like a school popularity contest, and Apple is the proud parent of the starting quarterback, prom queen, and valedictorian. And although the Kurio isn’t an iPad, kids will love the fact that it looks like one.

The Kurio has some weight to it, feeling sturdy in my hands and definitely not cheap. When locked into its keyboard, it’s even heavier. Small rubber grips on one side hold onto the surface of the table well, which is a simple physical addition I’m glad wasn’t overlooked. Overall, it’s sleek and slim, and should fit snug amongst the folders and textbooks in a backpack.

Now it’s time for the good stuff. The 2-in-1 Kurio Smart is both a tablet and a laptop. Think Microsoft Surface, but modified for kids. Equipped with Windows 10, it’s got everything your child needs to transition from school to play. It comes with Microsoft Office Mobile, which includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher, to name a few. Congrats KD Group, you’ve just earned yourself a second gold star.

The Kurio Smart also comes with a handful of preloaded games, and by a handful, I mean more than 40. Talk about big hands. Packed to the brim with popular apps and access to thousands more on the Windows store further heightens the play value of this product. There’s even motion games that gets kids up and moving, promoting exercise.

Front and center on the Kurio’s desktop are parental control options. Using Microsoft’s Family Safety System, parents can set up profiles for their kids and adjust certain settings accordingly. They can set time limits, allow or block apps, and enjoy an array of different internet filtering options to ensure safe exploring.

Ultimately, the Kurio Smart is a tablet and a computer designed with kids in mind. And just like any other computer, the Kurio Smart with Windows gives you everything you’ve come to know and love on your desktop, including Skype, Notepad, and Paint. It’s small, functional, and it provides parents with enough safety features to make sure their kids browse the web safe. Gold stars all around.