Cry Baby Kristal Gets Sick and Feels Better

The Cry Babies Kristal Gets Sick & Feels Better doll, from IMC Toys, can cry real tears, make realistic crying sounds, and get sick. Kids have to figure out what type of TLC Kristal needs to cure her fever, forehead spots, and coughing. The ultimate goal is to stop her from crying and make her feel better. 

Kids who love taking care of dolls, pets, siblings, or loved ones will enjoy taking on the role of caretaker for Kristal. The doll comes with the accessories any future doctor or nurse would need to care for a sick child: a play stethoscope, a thermometer, a syringe, a forehead cloth, a medicine bottle, and a pacifier.

Parents will need to fill Kristal with water via the screwtop found on the back of her head so that her tears really flow when she’s upset. Note: When first unpackaging Kristal, make sure you switch the function on her back to “On” instead of “Try Me,” and then back to “Off” when your kids are done playing.

Cry Babies Kristal Gets Sick and Feels Better

Through creative and imaginative play, kids will quickly learn how to care for Kristal. The instructions give some especially helpful tips on how to treat Kristal’s ailments. Is she coughing? Kids can try giving her the medicine bottle. Is she developing red spots on her face? She might need an injection. If she’s crying, kids can check her temperature with the thermometer, and a fever can be remedied with a cold compress. Also, listening to Kristal’s heart with the stethoscope will give kids a clue about how she is feeling — a fast heartbeat means she is sick. 

If all else fails to soothe Kristal’s crying, kids can try the pacifier, as this is a sure way to stop the tears. (Sound familiar?!) This is a great educational experience for young kids to learn about being sick, emotions, and different ways to take care of others. Parents and kids alike will be glad when Kristal feels better — no more tears and no more crying!