91Xhphi1CjL._SL1500_Dinosaur toys and games are all the rage these days, with a new favorite being the K’NEXosaurus Rex building set from K’NEX‘s Beasts Alive collection. More than just a construction set, kids will have everything they need at their fingertips to assemble a real-moving dinosaur toy using the classic K’NEX parts that they already know and love.

Designed for kids ages 7 and up, this construction set contains 255 pieces and step-by-step instructions for creating two unique models. Whether kids choose to build the K’NEXosaurus or the Megasaurus first, they can later take it apart and build a second dinosaur (or take it apart and build the same one again just for fun). There are 25 steps involved in building the K’NEXosaurus and 14 for the Megasaurus. The instructions contain large, colored images which make it easy for kids to follow along without missing any important steps. If you haven’t played with a K’NEX building set, the pieces are super easy to snap on and off, so even when kids’ creations are finished, if a piece happens to fall off, it’s not the end of the world. Kids can snap that piece right back in without having to disassemble and reassmble a whole portion of their model.

81K+NLKvBrL._SL1500_The coolest thing about this particular set is that it has a motor. Kids will learn how the motor that they build the dinosaur’s head around powers the dino’s unique movements. Once the battery is turned on, the K’NEXosaurus’s head and tail swing as he stomps around. Kids will want to play with the dinosaur on a flat surface, but probably not a table, so it doesn’t walk off the edge and break into a million pieces on the floor.

K’NEX is known for creating products that engage kids’ imaginations and encourage STEAM learning, and this new collection does both—making it as fun as it is educational! When choosing toys for kids, it’s important to give them something with a lot of play value, and this set will definitely keep kids occupied and engaged for hours at a time. Be on the lookout for more Beats Alive collections coming to retail soon!