MIghtMakers_DirectorsCutLights, camera, action!

The K’NEX Mighty Makers Director’s Cut Building Set lets your aspiring filmmaker/STEM prodigy call all the shots.

This 308-piece set lets kids build up their very own film set so that they can help Lily film a movie about her dog Zoom (A+ name for a filmmaker’s dog). After filming is over, kids can strike the set and rebuild the stage into a theater for the big premiere. And talk about play value. This set comes with instructions for three different filmmaking-themed builds so that kids can learn about the different aspects of film making. That’s right—kids are learning those all-important STEM skills and incorporating what they’ve learned using the creative side of their brain, bringing kids the best of both worlds.

So, how great is this movie they can make? Super great. Kids can really delve into the different components of making a movie with all of the included accessories. In addition to all the pieces to build up the set, stage, camera rig, director’s chair, and more, the Director’s Cut set comes with a film camera, a movie clapper, a dog bone for Zoom, a hoop, theater chairs, and graphic panels—all for kids to create their own stories and adventures.

And while imaginative role play is all good and well, this set takes it a step further. If kids have access to a smartphone or a small tablet, they can film their own movie by building the device stand and watch it play back. We heard the Oscars is saving a seat front and center for you.

This set, just like the rest of the Mighty Makers line, is equal parts educational and aspirational. It inspires girls to explore new hobbies and interests—perhaps ones that can eventually flourish into a career. The play patterns of any construction build give kids the confidence to create, to imagine, to make, and to learn. These kits, designed especially for, but definitely not limited to, girls also encourage storytelling on top of everything else, making it truly packed with educational, social, and emotional benefits.