Between virtual learning and never-ending Among Us tournaments, parents know how hard it can be to break kids away from the screen.

Klutz has a solution with 10 new book-based activity kits guaranteed to get kids away from the computer. Aimed at kids ages 4 and up, each kit offers something new, such as creative art studios to STEM-based building activities. 

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Leading the fall lineup is LEGO Gear Bots, fun robot creatures that kids can build while learning engineering practices. Each kit comes with step-by-step instructions for maneuvering the various cranks, axels, cams, and more that make up the 62 LEGO elements included in every box. The set also includes a papercraft character for kids to fold and attach to their LEGO elements to add more dimension to their character.

Each unique kit teaches valuable hands-on skills in creativity and cognition. With 10 kits to choose from, every kid is sure to find something to suit their interests. 

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