Zing, the brand behind StikBots, just upgraded its movie star to an action star with a new line of KlikBots action figures.

KlikBots are the taller, beefed-up reincarnations of StikBots, Zing’s original poseable figures. Unlike their citizen counterparts, KlikBots are articulated, customizable action figures with interchangeable body parts and accessories that click into place. Axil, Cannon, Cosmo, and Helix make up the squad: a lean, mean, action team in translucent red, orange, blue, and green. Together, they battle the evil Modulus and must stop his wicked attempts to take over the world.

The KlikBots are also the latest leads of your very own stop-motion movie with Zing’s free StikBot Studio app. The action is simple: Assemble your KlikBot with its detachable armor, or make it go rogue with nothing but two swords in hand. Then, set the scene with the included landscape backdrop and place your smartphone on the handy stand included in the KlikBot Studio Pack. Once your heroes are on their marks — which they always stick, thanks to their helpful suction cup feet and hands — the movie-magic is as simple as pointing and shooting.

StikBot Studio makes it easy to capture your action sequence frame by frame with its clean interface and  seamless editing, crafting your movie masterpiece from a few simple “kliks.” The app also includes a handy “Ghost Image” feature, leaving the imprint of your previous shot etched over the next for easy matching and smooth motion.

Every KlikBot Studio Pack comes with one colorful KlikBot, one landscape backdrop, one smartphone stand, and 28 customizable pieces to “klik” into place. The pieces are tiny, so make sure you “stik” them in an easy-to-locate place once your movie’s wrapped.

When your action flick is finished, you can share your creation on social media with #KlikBots or upload it to KlikBot’s growing stop-motion community on YouTube. Check out KlikBot’s YouTube channel for funny shorts and inspiration.