This game is sure to strike up some fun.

Klask, from Buffalo Games, is a unique combination of skill and strategy that challenges players to maneuver a magnetic striker from under the game board.

Two players go head-to-head in an effort to be the first to score six points, and while Klask takes only seconds to learn, it will take a while to master.

Each player grabs two striker pieces and places one below and one on top of the wooden game board. The magnets will snap into place and the strikers are ready for action. Klask requires players to control the strikers from underneath the board, requiring just a little bit more finesse, and causing the other player to have some trouble anticipating their opponent’s next move.

Players score points by getting the ball in their opponent’s goal, getting the white magnetic pieces to stick to their opponent’s striker, or waiting for their opponent to make a mistake, like losing control of his or her striker.

You’ll need quick reflexes, great hand-eye coordination, and maybe even a mastery of angles and patience to reign victorious in Klask, but don’t worry—these things can easily be developed with practice.

Say goodbye to enormous air hockey tables and bulky, DIY knock hockey boards. Klask provides all the fun of these games and more, plus it’s much more compact and won’t completely take over your play space.

This reinvented game provides a fresh spin to tabletop hockey games, and features absolutely no technology. Even the scoring system is totally low-tech; players simply move plastic blue scoring discs into slots on the game board as they earn more points.

A game of Klask takes just a few minutes, and will easily engage multiple generations, thanks to its simple rules and classically fun gameplay.