Purrista Girls Series 5 figure | Source: Jakks Pacific/the Toy Insider

We aren’t kitten around: The Kitten Catfe Purrista Girls are back for another series this spring, this time with a bubbly new theme!

For those who aren’t fur-miliar with these paw-satively adorable collectibles (okay, I’ll lighten up on the cat puns now!), Purrista Girls are 5-inch cat figures for kids ages 3 and up. They are part of Jakks Pacific’s Kitten Catfe line, which combines cats, fashion, and classic cafe beverages to create themed collectibles. For Series 5, the Purrista Girls are getting a soda pop theme!

Each series of Purrista Girls features 12 new characters, and kids can open up a beverage-themed container to discover which fashionista — and what other surprises — they will find. Sticking with its new theme, the Series 5 Purrista Girls come inside a colorful soda bottle, complete with a cat head-shaped bottle top. 

Purrista Girls Series 5 bottles | Source: Jakks Pacific

While the contents of the bottle may be the main attraction, it’s worth noting that, like previous Purrista Girls containers, the bottle is food-grade safe for cold beverages. That means kids can fill it up with their favorite juice, water, or soda. It’s a very fun way to cut down on waste and reuse packaging!

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Inside the bottle, there are six surprises for kids to open. The largest is the Purrista Girl figure, which features removable, colorful hair and a removable tail. Kids can check the included collector’s guide to learn the Purrista’s Girl’s cat-themed name. Actually, this series even includes one Purrista boy: Mattmew Meowkins! These figures do feature some articulation — their arms rotate at the shoulder, their head tilts, and they can sit or stand. 

Purrista Girls Series 5 figure | Source: Jakks Pacific

One special new feature for this series of Purrista Girls is that they have light-up hair! Kids may not realize right away how to activate this feature, but it is explained in the instructions. Although the feature is dubbed “light-up hair” on the bottle, it’s actually the cat’s head that has lights, which then glow through the translucent hair. To turn them on, kids must pull the hair off slightly to reveal a paw-print shaped button on the back of the head. Simply press in the button to activate the lights!

Within other blind bags — which are all bright pink and decorated with cat images and puns — kids will discover a 2-piece rubber outfit and a pair of shoes for the Purrista Girl. The outfit is specially designed with slits so that the pieces are easy to get on and change, even around the Purrista’s tail and head. Also, some of the clothes, especially the pants, stay on best when the Purrista Girl is standing up.

Purrista Girls Series 5 figures | Source: Jakks Pacific

The final surprise within the bottle is a Meowble charm. Fans of Kitten Catfe will recognize these cute, round kitten charms, which come in 12 new designs for Series 5. One of the Meowbles, Swirly Puff Meow, is super-rare. The Meowbles charm features a looped tail, as well as a hole in the middle so kids can string it onto a necklace, shoelace, string, etc. It is also made to fit perfectly on the keychain clasp that comes attached to the bottlecap in this set, making for an adorable backpack or bag accessory. (Note: It may be tempting to hang the whole bottle from that keychain, but it isn’t designed for that.)

Once kids have opened all of the blind bags, the Kitten Catfe fun doesn’t stop! These figures are perfect for imaginative play, especially if kids create a whole Purrista squad who can swap fashions and go on paw-some adventures.

Keep an eye out for these bubbly new Catfe characters at major retailers this spring. For now, you can snag the Purrista Girls Series 1-4, which feature tea and boba themes!