Cat cafes are trendy all on their own, but you know what’s even more hip? Kitten Catfe!

Jakks Pacific is expanding its Kitten Catfe collection this fall with Kitten Catfe Purrista Girls Bubble Tea — boba tea cups filled to the brim with cat-themed surprises. If you’re wondering what the heck “boba” is, it’s a tea-based drink that originated in Taiwan. Known as both “bubble tea” and “boba tea,” this sweet concoction comes in a variety of flavors and features chewy tapioca balls at the bottom that you can suck up with a thick straw.

Even better than a regular cuppa, these (non-edible!) toys contain multiple mystery packets to unbox, including a Purrista Girl doll, an outfit, shoes, accessories, and a color-changing boba ball with even more collectibles inside.

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There are 12 Purrista Girl figures to collect, each one as sweet as real boba tea. The cat-inspired dolls are about 5 inches tall, featuring glittery eyes and colorful, molded hair with stylish ‘dos that you can mix and match. If Penelope Punch gets tired of her hot pink curls, swap it with Penny Purrs’ purple pigtails. Half the fun is unboxing all the included outfits and accessories and the other half is dressing the dolls up in fashionable ensembles full of bright colors and different textures, such as furry skirts with shiny strands of tinsel, poofy tutus, and off-the-shoulder ruffles.

The surprises just keep coming: While Kitten Catfe Series 1 and 2 include a tea bag that dissolves in water, the Bubble Tea version (Series 3 and 4 of the line), incorporates the water reveal trend using a plastic boba ball. Kids can dunk the boba ball in cold water to watch it change colors and then open it to reveal either one, two, or three “Meowble Kittens” inside. The “Meowbles” are little, round kittens that come in different colors. There’s not too much you can do with them, but like any collectible, it’s all about growing your squad and hunting down the ones you don’t have.

No detail is left behind. The boba straw of the cup doubles as a cat stamp that kids can use to mark off their new additions on the collector sheet. Families can also use the packaging as a real cup suitable for cold drinks (but make sure to wash it first).

With a reasonable price of $9.99 a pop, it’s easy to kickstart your collection, making these Kitten Catfe Purrista Girls anyone’s cup of tea.