S.O.S—we’ve got a sick unicorn! Someone alert Barbie that her little enchanted pal isn’t feeling too well, and in the meantime, try using this Kiss and Care Unicorn Doctor Set to see if there’s anything you can do to help.

In the Kiss and Care Set Unicorn Doctor Set, from Just Play, Barbie will remotely guide kids through the unicorn care process. If you’re looking for a standard Barbie play set,  such as the Barbie Dreamhorse or Barbie On-the-Go Car Wash, may we direct you here, as this magical set does not include a Barbie doll. Instead it includes a plush unicorn, a stethoscope, a syringe, a bottle, a horn cast, a yummy ice cream cone, and a rainbow backpack for kids to carry everything on the go.  This young unicorn, who we’ll call Uni, has shiny wings, white fur, and pink and lavender patterned legs. Her little horn also lights up. Eeep! A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.

According to Barbie, who magically helps kids play, Baby Uni has a cold. Kids will be prompted to check Lil Uni’s heartbeat with the (jeweled and fabulous) stethoscope. Place a cast on Uni’s horn if it aches, give Uni a bottle to hydrate her, and—ahh, the hard part—give baby uni a shot with the sparkly syringe to make her feel better.

Luckily, Baby Uni can indulge in some pink ice cream after braving through the needle. Thank you Uni for being a good patient!

Among all the imaginative play this set prompts, it provides kids with a new soft enchanted friend, a cute functional backpack, and some darling accessories. Kids will love their new plush pal and being able to play doctor when Uni is feeling under the weather.

And of course, what’s the final touch to make Uni feel better? Barbie will suggest sprinkles and sparkles dust! While those ingredients are not included, Uni is already so shimmery kids will feel enchanted.

Just look how well Uni is thriving right now all thanks to your kid’s help! Great work!