It’s really hard to find quality games these days. When I was a kid, I had a ton more fun bumping into my family’s game pieces, toppling log towers, and setting off buzzers during family fun night than playing traditional card games. Hands-on, heart-pounding competition is what really appeals to me — don’t even get me started on Hungry Hungry Hippo because that game is my all-time favorite. It’s difficult to find games that keep me invested, and if you have a short attention-span like me, then YULU’s King of the Ring is a great game for an easily distracted player.

King of the Ring is a game that keeps you invested the entire time you’re playing; a lot of laughter and screaming may be involved when kids play, so be warned. The second you start a round, your boring day is filled with gleeful chaos on the King of the Ring platform. King of the Ring plays like an old-fashioned game of marbles. It gets really crazy because the main goal of the game is to knock other rolling sumo wrestlers off the platform and stop in the middle of the ring. When a sumo wrestler stops in the center, a countdown timer starts. If the sumo wrestler isn’t knocked out of the ring before the timer runs out, then a platform pops up, sending the winning sumo wrestler to the top and crowning them the King of the Ring. 

The game is meant for two to four players, which means there’s a lot of rolling sumo wrestlers sliding around at once. One round can get really heated, especially when a player stops in the center. Your competitive spirit kicks in as soon as you hear the timer start counting down. Each player slides their favorite sumo across the platform as hard as they can. (Sure, you usually miss when you’re driven by a desire to conquer your opponents, but that’s the fun part.) 

Having four players at once is my favorite way to play this game. When you’re rolling your sumo wrestlers, you really have to keep your eyes on where it’s going, or else you completely lose track of what’s happening. King of the Ring is perfect for competitive players who need a dash of fast-paced play. If it can entertain a bunch of young adults, it can entertain any kid with a love for challenging and quick games. 

The game’s design is simple. There’s only six parts included in the box: a red, blue, green, and yellow sumo wrestler; one King of the Ring platform; and one set of instructions. The only part of the toy that needs to be turned on is the timer underneath the platform. The timer sets the length of each round at 15 minutes each, and turns on the middle of the platform so that it pops up. To play another round, all players have to do is push down the tower, snap it back into place, and rewind the timer — easy peasy. Check out the video below from YULU to see this toy in action!