This Rubbermaid container is specifically designed to hold the 3-pound bag of Kinetic Sand. | Source: Spin Master/the Toy Insider

Sand can sometimes be a hassle to clean up and that can make playtime organization difficult. Spin Master just announced a game-changing collaboration between Kinetic Sand and Rubbermaid (yes, the kitchenware company) that will make storage simple. The partnership will pair a limited-edition, 3-pound bag of blue Kinetic Sand with a bulk Rubbermaid container.

To celebrate the second annual Global Kinetic Sand Day, the collaboration is specifically designed as an organizational playroom solution. The 3-pound bag of Kinetic Sand fits perfectly into the container. Kids can choose to mess around with it in the container or take it out, but either way, Kinetic Sand is designed to stick together to make clean-up simple. The tab on the cover of the Rubbermaid container is easily removable so the sand doesn’t fly everywhere when kids pop the lid open. There are also ridges on it, so if families want to purchase more than one, they can stack the containers on top of each other!

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The amount of sand included also creates endless play possibilities as kids can chop, shape, cut, mix, dig, and mold away. Don’t worry about the sand quality, because Kinetic Sand doesn’t dry out. Kids can reuse the sand and take it out of the Rubbermaid container over and over again.

The Kinetic Sand x Rubbermaid collaboration is only available for a limited time, so hop on over to to check out the offer. It’s priced at $24.99, but use the code KSDAY20 for 20% off while supplies last.