Rainbow Kindi is getting an extra touch of the rainbow for the new year — a touch of Rainbow Kate, that is.

Last fall, Moose Toys introduced Kindi Kids, a line of dolls and accessories designed for kids ages 3 and up. The sweet-themed dolls and their oversized, interactive Shopkins food accessories come to life in the animated Kindi Kids YouTube series, too, where the Kindi Kids learn and play at a school called Rainbow Kindi. 

As fans await the second season of the web series, they can expand their real-life Kindi Kids collection with a few new products that hit shelves this month.

The first is the Snack Time Friends Rainbow Kate doll, which is available now. Those who watch the Kindi Kids web series will recognize Rainbow Kate from her debut as a new student in the final episode of season one, “Trick or Treat.” She is shown to be happy, outgoing, and very energetic! The doll features the signature Kindi Kids bobblehead and big glitter eyes, colorful hair, and a removable rainbow dress. She also comes with two Shopkins accessories: a cupcake that comes out of its wrapper and a glittery smoothie that kids can shake to mix.

In addition to Rainbow Kate, there are three new play accessories coming to the Kindi Kids line. Any of the Snack Time Friends can take a ride on the Kindi Kids Fun Delivery Scooter, which makes a brief appearance in the teaser for Kindi Kids season two. It is fairly easy to put a doll on the scooter, either in a sitting or standing position. The three-wheel design makes it easy to roll and hard to topple, which is great for younger kids. It is also very cute, with a puppy face on the front and ears that flap up and down as the scooter rolls. The scooter even comes with two Shopkins accessories: a strawberry that fits in a back compartment and another smoothie that fits perfectly in the scooter’s cup holder. 

The other two accessories are smaller than any other products in the Kindi Kids line. They are the Kindi Kids Fun Backpack and the Kindi Kids Fun Lunch Box. Each (sold separately) costs $10, comes with two Shopkins accessories that fit inside, and will be available later this month. They also follow the animal theme of all Kindi Kids accessories — the backpack has an owl design, while the lunch box is a puppy, just like the scooter. The backpack slips easily onto the dolls’ back (kids don’t even need to undo the straps), while the lunchbox features a thumb hole so the dolls can carry it.

Like the original Kindi Kids offerings, these new products are easy for preschoolers to handle. The interactive Shopkins accessories add an extra level of fun and imagination to play, while the dolls (especially when paired with the Kindi Kids web series) help prepare young kids for both the challenges and excitement of starting kindergarten.