Colors, music, and shapes. That’s the universal language for all little ones, which is why incorporating toys with these components at an early age is key.

The Kidz Delight My Lil’ Farm Stacker, from KD Group, has all this, plus a bilingual feature. Now, kids can build their early learning skills, and pick up basic words and phrases in English and Spanish. ¡Excelente!

The stacker introduces little ones to farm animal names and sounds, as well as shapes, numbers, and letters. The set includes a top windmill that kids can spin and three bulky, stackable colored pieces, made specially for little hands. All three sides of each piece feature a picture of a different instrument and shape, as well as an open window.

The base features images a cow, ducks, and frogs. Each category of animal also has a different number depicted. This gives kids the chance to recognize different kinds of animals, as well as build number recognition skills.

As toddlers stack the different pieces onto the base, they’ll see the animal friends peek through the open window. The base is also motion-activated, so as the shape slides down the base, kids will hear fun sounds and melodies. That’s not all, each piece triggers a specific saying or sound, so tiny tots will learn the type of animal that is in the window, the noise it makes, and the number of animals that are depicted.

The bottom of the base features three buttons: yellow, red, and blue. The yellow button allows kids or parents to switch between English and Spanish mode. This lets little Einsteins get introduced to two different languages at an age that experts recommend, while also strengthening memory and cognition skills. The red button is Discovery Mode, where kids will be asked to stack specific blocks. Lastly, the blue button is Music Mode, which plays fun melodies for kids to enjoy.

The Kidz Delight My Lil’ Farmer Stacker is a fun and easy way to keep little ones stimulated as they play. The blocks and stacking motions help to build fine-motor skills, and the words, phrases, and songs will tap into their curiosity and get them thinking at an early age.