W139_LD_HeartbeatIn a Heartbeat is Laura Doherty‘s new album that features Valentine’s Day-ready tunes. Glenn Kotche of Wilco is also featured on the album. The collection is made up of upbeat songs for all ages, inspired by the rolling hills of Hudson Valley and the urban energy of Chicago, the places Doherty calls “home.” I found Doherty’s folky, acoustic music to be upbeat but warm and relaxing at the same time. The music really focuses on the instruments, and the vocals showcase a beautiful harmony that is rare in kids’ music. With titles like “Breakfast Gives Me Energy,” “It’s Okay to Be Shy,” and “I’m a Little Fish,” Doherty’s music is extremely kid-driven, but enjoyable for the entire family. I think this is an album that parents won’t mind listening to on repeat as their kids will certainly request it. My favorite tune is “Jazzasaurus,” which features a sound that is a bit different than the other tunes on the album. It’s so fun and upbeat, but bluesy at the same time. The numbers range from this jazz song to electric guitar, to folk-pop style.