sago mini friendsPlay is an important part of growing up, and Sago Sago’s newest app, Sago Mini Friends helps toddlers ages 2 to 4 develop that skill by giving them the opportunity to create their own play dates with other characters.

Kids are greeted with five different characters who are no stranger to the Sago Mini series. Kids can tap on each character, and are brought down to the other four friends’ houses, greet their friends and play different activities, such as playing dress up, building a bird house, sharing snacks, and even nap time. Through these activities, kids learn about sharing and taking turns. For instance, when the characters have snacks, kids learn to divide the snacks instead of giving them all to one character. With no fixed story line, Sago Mini Friends appeals to kids’ sense of imagination by allowing them to create their own interactions with the other characters.

The app’s design is simple, making toddlers’ interaction with the different features easy. The background music and sound effects also helps keep the overall mood of the app fun and light-hearted. My favorite part about this app is all the cute animations, especially when the characters share snacks. Once the characters are fed, they burp quite loudly and obnoxiously, but their facial expressions just add to the humor. Another cute animated feature is when the characters wash dishes, and you drag the water towards them, they try to push it away with irresistible smiles on their faces. Sago Mini Friends is available for iOS in the app store.