Coloring books are a timeless outlet for kids to unleash their creativity in a constructive and inexpensive way. Golden Books’ Dora and Friends Welcome to the City! coloring book offers kids ages 3 and up beautiful illustrations of scenes from the show. Each page includes a caption in large print at the top of the picture, with some in English and some in Spanish. Perforated page edges let kids neatly tear their masterpieces from the book to proudly display on the fridge or wall. My favorite part of this coloring book is the set of four chunky crayons included on the front cover, so kids can start coloring right away. Not only are the crayons good quality and fun colors, they make this a great on-the-go treat for kids so they don’t have to wait until they get home to use their own crayons or markers. This coloring book is an affordable way to entertain kids—and let them practice their Spanish skills at the same time.