moveandgrooveMove & Groove from Thinkfun is the perfect dancing game for toddlers. The toy is designed to serve as kids’ first dance game, and to inspire movement as well as learning. The game, for kids ages 18 months and up, includes instructions, a dance cube, and 48 dance move cards. The dance cards say things like “Dance like a robot,” “Fly like a butterfly,” and “Hop like a kangaroo.” They are divided into six categories: Let’s Pretend, Classics, Silliness, Movement, Body Parts, and Workout. There’s something for every child to be good at, and also something new for every kid. I love that this is a game without the pressure of competition; the point is to have fun! I was never very coordinated as a child, so this would have certainly been my favorite. Kids simply toss the plush dance cube to determine a color, then choose a matching card and perform the card-instructed move. Thank goodness, there’s no right or wrong way to do the moves, it’s all about fun.