vrumwithkidWhether it’s a trip to Grandma’s or just around the house, kids can take all their favorite possessions with them on the go with the Vrüm Children’s Ride-On Toy Box, from Wicked Cool Toys. I love that (A) it can hold a lot of stuff, (B) the case easily locks shut so the stuff doesn’t fall out everywhere, and (C) when my child inevitably gets tired of pushing herself along, I can attach the included strap to pull her, or use it to carry the Vrüm like a shoulder bag. Have you ever been stuck blocks from home with a child who suddenly just can’t pedal any further and now you have to pull her along on her bike? This is perfect!

There is also an interior strap, so the stuff you are packing, particularly clothing, won’t get all tangled and rumpled. Everything will basically stay in place, like a suitcase. There is a significant amount of space, certainly enough room for clothes, toys, and toiletries for an overnight stay at Grandma’s.

Perhaps most significant to children, Vrüm is available in a variety of character styles, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Leonardo, shown here.

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