ibitzThe ibitz PowerKey from GeoPalz is a small wireless family activity tracker, only 1.5 inches tall and 1-inch wide. The ibitz can be attached to the hip or shoe. The ibitz PowerKey for kids, and the ibitz Unity for adults, both track physical activity and syncs to any iOS Bluetooth 4.0 compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod. The trackers allow adults and kids their own personalized exercise regiment by creating unique, personalized apps. The Unity tracks steps, distance, weight, height, overall physical activity, and BMI. Adults can incorporate their family members, and form groups with friends and family members. The ibitz PowerKey allows kids to power a chosen character through the galaxy by using their steps to help their buddy travel through space! It’s such an adorable way to get kids excited about exercise and activity; it becomes a game that they will definitely want to play. For every step taken, kids will have more opportunity for exploration and more rewards. The activity trackers store 30 days of activity, are extremely durable, and water-resistant. The PowerKey is available in seven bright colors, with two additional colors in the recently-added Penguin Club collection for kids.