70803_prodWhile all of the characters in The Lego Movie are awesome and hilarious in their own ways, Unikitty stood out as my favorite. It could be due to my girl-crush on Alison Brie, who voices the adorable—yet seemingly bipolar— pink unicorn-anime cat character. Unikitty hails from Cloud Cuckoo Land, the happiest, most positive and creative place in the brick-a-verse. Cloud Cuckoo Land is a rainbow of a place that feels like an endless, glittery dance party. And, thanks to Lego, kids can build their own rainbow land at home with the Cloud Cuckoo Palace set.

With just under 200 pieces, kids ages 7 and up can recreate the scene when Executron follows Emmet and Wyldstyle to Cloud Cuckoo Land. Kids can build the whirly, swirly, bright and colorful palace and help Emmet, Wyldstyle, and Unikitty escape Executron. With some of the most popular characters from the film, the set is perfect for boys and girls alike. An interactive set, kids can even shoot flowers from the flower catapult. With lots of lasting play value, the set is priced at just under $20, which is probably less than most families spend on the movie tickets themselves.