OwlPalWith the Plush Craft Owl Pal Pillow, from The Orb Factory, kids ages 5 and up are able to quickly and easily create their own plush friend! Kids simply follow a numbered legend and use the stylus to punch the colorful fabric pieces into the pre-punched holes. The owl’s eyes and beak are attached by included Velcro pieces, so there is absolutely no sewing required, making this craft simple and mess-free. The end result is a colorful friend that also doubles as a homemade piece of room décor.

The great thing about this Plush Craft is how kid-friendly it is. The activity is fun for kids on a rainy or cold day that they are stuck inside—and although it is simple, it will keep them busy for a little while. The stylus isn’t made of any metals or sharp pieces, so kids will be able to do this craft on their own—or for little ones, with a little help from a grown-up. Kids love to be able to have something that they made themselves, and this cute little owl gives them that opportunity, without any mess for mom and dad to clean up. The kit comes with the Owl Pal already stuffed and sewn up, so there is no “pillow-making” skills that you learned in Home-Ec class are required (thankfully for me, because that is far outside of my skills repertoire).

The pre-punched holes make this craft really easy for kids to do on their own, although it is made for kids ages 5 and up, so as I said before, younger ones may need a little help from mom or dad to get the hang of punching the fabric into the plush. Some of the colorful fabric squares have a shiny side, which gives your plush pal a little extra glam.