crashlingsKids love to collect things, and Wicked Cool Toys provides more than 150 cool Crashlings for kids ages 3 and up to collect, swap, and pop. Crashlings are meteor mutants from outer space, and come in categories such as Dino, Insect, Alien, Monster, and Sea Life Crashlings. In my pack, I got four Sea Life Crashlings, two meteors, and two popping meteors. The popping meteors are the best part in my opinion. They are blue spheres that open to store one Crashling, and one half of the meteor is soft, flexible rubber that kids can turn inside-out and place on a flat surface to make it pop up to four feet in the air.

Crashlings sets also include the Crash-Tronomy Chart, which is a visual chart of all of the Crashlings in the series. Kids can pour over the list and learn the names of each Crashling, what they look like, and which group they’re in. On the back of the chart is the Crash-Tronomy Game Play page, which offers kids an array of fun games to play with their Crashlings and meteors, either with other kids or by themselves.

Crashlings are cute, fun mini-figures that kids can have a blast with.

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