Hamton Wooden Playset KidKraft
Hampton Wooden Playset

Growing up, I practically lived on my backyard swing set, swinging back and forth, climbing across the monkey bars, or sliding down the slide. What I wouldn’t give to play outside, dreaming up different imaginative scenarios I could play out.KidKraft’s new outdoor wooden play sets bring together classic playground appeal with many unique additions that add to the fun.

Kids can go on wild, imaginative adventures with these multi-level playhouses. With the Hampton Wooden Playset, up to eight kids can play at once. The playhouse comes complete with an upper-level clubhouse, and also features a sandbox and a sand-and-water table underneath, as well as other playground activities such as a slide, monkey bars, and a swing set.


KidKraft Montauk Wooden Playset
Montauk Wooden Playset

Kids can find their home away from home with the Montauk Wooden Playset, two-level residential playhouse with all the fun features of a playground. The play set has homey features, include a gabled roof, rounded arch windows, a chalkboard tarp, and a play clock. Kids can learn about telling time with the clock’s movable hands. In addition to imaginative fun, there are also plenty of outdoor playground specifics, including a 12-foot Twist N’ Ride tube slide and a multi-colored rock climbing wall.

KidKrafts Greenville Garden Station Playset
Greenville Garden Station Playset

Not only are these play sets incredibly detailed and foster imaginative play, but they also have real-life applications. With the Greenville Garden Station, kids can utilize their budding green thumbs and help out in the garden. Kids can use the included spade, rake, and shovel tools to plant new backyard flora and fauna. The planting station is on wheels so kids can move around the wooden cart throughout their backyard and their various planting responsibilities. To help with gardening, the station has a removable sink that actually works.

The play sets, available exclusively at Target, are made from premium cedar lumbar that is pre-cut and pre-treated with a kid-friendly stain for easy assembly. While it will take some time to put together each wooden outdoor play set, adults can easily follow the step-by-step instructions and build up the sturdy playground, that will last for years to come.

Once the play sets are built, kids will have so much fun playing over and over again; it’ll be difficult to call them inside! KidKraft play sets are made for imagination, giving kids everything they could ever want. Each goes so far beyond a standard swing set, providing tools kids need to engage in creative play while learning a thing or two along the way.