Kidi Star DanceAin’t no party like a Kidi Star Dance party!

Back in ye olden times, aka the early aughts, movies, TV shows, and video games about meticulous choreography and dance crews were all the rage. Shows like So You Think You Can Dance (it’s a whopping 16 seasons in!) and Dancing with the Stars still reign, proving that learning dance routines and putting on a good, fun show never goes out of style.

Kidi Star Dance

Now, kids can perfect their dance moves at home with VTech’s Kidi Star Dance. Kids simply snap on a motion-sensing wristband and follow along with the animated dance instructor to learn 20 dance moves step by step. And these moves are perfectly on trend, including the Floss, Dougie, Tut, Moonwalk, and more. Two wristbands are included — one red and one blue — since we all know it’s more fun to romp around with a buddy than go solo. Once kids learn the individual moves, they can put them together and dance to the included music, or connect to their own music via an MP3 player or a microSD card (not included!) to dance to their favorite tunes.

Kidi Star Dance

And what’s a dance party without the lights?! The Kidi Star Dance cube features color-changing lights that flash along to the music for an immersive, star-quality experience. Kids can play four motion games or create music with movement by waving their hands around to play different sound effects, including drum and magical fairy sounds. Give the second wristband to a friend and challenge them to a game or a dance-off.

Kidi Star Dance is easy to operate with simple buttons and auditory instructions. The bands pair in seconds, so parents can rest assured there are no headaches or setup frustrations with this product.

Kidi Star Dance provides more than classic fun, it also helps kids improve hand-eye coordination with detailed active play, balance, dexterity, and physical awareness. Plus, it encourages team play via mild, healthy competition as kids develop art, music, language, and social skills. AND it helps them look super cool by keeping up with the latest dance crazes.