Kiddie_ScreenShotMeet Kiddie: He’s blue, he’s furry, and he’s super adorable. With so many apps at your fingertips (literally), it’s hard to find one that is beneficial to kids and parents alike. The Kiddie App is exactly that. This new educational app provides parents with a quick and useful way to implement the three Rs: Raise, Read, and Reward, while teaching toddlers ages 2 to 5 about basic daily activities, such as bedtime, potty training, eating dinner, and being nice.

Kids and parents can choose an interactive story, read it themselves or listen to the narrator, and play along with touch points. While the narrator does have a British accent, think about how much kids already love shows such as Max & Ruby and Peppa Pig. The app is jam-packed with interactive stories and sing-a-long songs, each with educational value. Once the story ends, parents can use the reward charts to reinforce the lessons in the app and reward kids with tons of fun virtual stickers. The app even integrates social media, and parents can share their child’s progress with family and friends on Facebook. They can also create multiple reward charts if they have more than one child.

We tested this app on the Apple iPad Air, and the vibrant colors and exciting scenes were fun and captivating. Already an international success, Kiddie is now available for U.S. families on iOS devices.