Saddle up and grab your cowboy hat and boots, because it’s time to go on adventures with your new BFF.

Like many young kids, my dream pet was a horse. Despite insisting to my parents that yes—we can totally turn our garage on Long Island into a stable—I was always quickly reassured that a horse needs more space, and had to let my pony-filled imagination die. (I did settle for Markie the Unicorn on my Lisa Frank notebooks, to give you some closure to this anecdote.)

However, if I was 3 years old today, the Kid Trax Rideamals Scout, Play & Ride Pony would probably be the only toy I would have ever wanted. This is the ride-on of my—and probably your kids’—dreams.

When I first secretly saw this ride-on back in May, I was floored at how truly interactive this pony is. It almost seemed unfair unfair that I saw this incredible toy and couldn’t shout it from the rooftops about how awesome it is, or even rave about it until our Sweet Suite event in July. Luckily, this ride-on pony is available now at Walmart, so kids can live up their best horseshoe-filled lives. Let me break it down:

Scout is an interactive pony that kids can ride like an actual horse as it rolls along up to 4 miles per hour. It looks just like an adorable, loving pony, featuring big blue eyes, brushable hair, and a saddle for kids to sit on. But much more than just a ride-on, this adorable filly combines engaging imaginative play with motorized eyes, ears, head, and wheels. Long story short: This ride-on is not foaling around! The possibilities are neigh-ver ending! This pony will be the mane event at any play date!

Scout’s interactive features add a lot more value to this ride-on, giving kids endless role-play possibilities. Yes, kids can ride him all around the backyard, but then when they get to their destination, they can brush its hair, feed it, and more using the included accessories such as a brush and a carrot. Kids will feel like they’re actually taking care of a pony pet—and it’ll be easy to forget that it’s not a real horse with its lifelike details and movements.

Kids can ride Scout forward and in reverse, or they can lead him along the backyard using the reigns. This pony also makes more than 100 sounds and movements and will respond to touch, and kids can even bust out some serious moves and dance with it.

Kids can say howdy to Kid Trax Rideamals Scout, Play & Ride Pony this year and take their new friend on endless, magical adventures.