Contender Brands Kic-Start Game

What is one of the worst activities in the world? Let’s say it together: ice breakers!

It’s not just me, right? Sometimes getting to know a new group of people is intimidating or delving deep into friendships is nerve-racking. Sitting in a group of strangers or talking about your feelings can make anyone anxious.

Behold something to ease that pain: a new family card game, KIC-Start — Kids-in-Conversation, from Contender Brands. Players will draw a card, ask a question, and everyone will go around in a circle to answer it. The deck is made of high-quality paper and won’t bend easily to withstand wear and tear. Each card looks as though it’s in a text conversation on a smartphone, complete with blue and green speech bubbles (so there’s no war between iPhone and Android users) and typing bubbles. Each player is allowed one “ghosting” action, which excuses him or her from having to answer one question. Consider that your free pass!

The questions range from simple yes or no questions to ones that would make me have an existential crisis really think about my answer. Questions include: “What is your favorite candy?” (Sour Punch Bites); “Would you rather go to Disney World or Universal Studios?” (what a rude choice, you obviously have to split your time between the two); “If you had to give up TV or video games, what would you do for fun?” (read); “Which famous athlete or actor would you most like to meet?” (Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth). Do you feel like you know me yet?!

Some of the questions require some more thought, including, “What makes a good parent?” (as a new Tamagotchi mom, this question stresses me out); “Describe the next five years of your life in a single sentence;” “When is it OK to tell a lie?;” “Do you believe that kids should be able to vote at age 18? Why or why not?;” “What is the hardest thing about being a kid?;” and more.

There are 150 cards, so it will take a while to cycle through all of the questions. If you play with a different group of people, the game will most likely be different each time. Players will have to make the most of the questions and their answers will depend on how much fun the game will be. Answers can range from being fun and lighthearted to opening up a meaningful conversation. Either way, it’s a great way to pass the time. The game is ideal for a party, a family gathering, a road trip, a team building session, or as an ice breaker.

KIC-Start — Kids-in-Conversation is a family-friendly game that will open up a dialogue among its group of players. The core of this game is that it gets kids curious about conversation and to look up from their phones to get to know each other better. The irony is that it’s styled as a smartphone.