Goal: $80,000
Funding Period: Until July 29
Creator: Jason Brain

Bringing your imagination’s creations to life will become even more accessible with the Kible omnidirectional snapping blocks. The 3-D pieces snap together both laterally and vertically, which gives users and endless amount of options to build and create.

The creative process starts with the Kible app, which also brings together a Kible social community. To start, users design different models through the free app, which can be accessed on any mobile or tablet devices. These online designs come in handy later as interactive instructions to make the physical models.

Users can share their creations online with the app for other Kible users to see. From there, users have the option to purchase their model or models from other users through the app so they can receive the blocks to make the physical versions of the model. The pieces are delivered right to their door so the building can begin from there.

From wine charms to kangaroos, Kible blocks can be used to make just about anything, and they can be re-used for different creations as more are collected.

Kickstarter donations range from $10 to $10,000. Prizes for backers include various amounts of Kible snapping pieces and early beta access to the Kible app.

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