de.bored Lisbon Cliffside | Source: KESS

Puzzling: an age-old pastime now rediscovered by the youths! Huzzah! 

Puzzle sales have skyrocketed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, as people look for ways to keep themselves busy while keeping safe and staying at home. And KESS is getting in on the puzzle fun with its new collection of de.bored puzzles. 

The de.bored series features a lineup of four puzzles with designs from popular artists that yield frame-worthy results. There are two 500-piece puzzles for a modest challenge, along with two 1,000-piece puzzles to kick things up a notch. All four puzzles feature beautiful colors and unique imagery, and they include a reference print of the finished image. 

Perfect for puzzlers who love a landscape, Lisbon Cliffside by Portuguese illustrator Camila Nogueira features the golden hour on a beautiful European coastline. The puzzle is packed with bright colors, with deep pinks offset by minty greens. 

de.bored Quiet Night In | Source: KESS

Quiet Night In by UK illustrator Charly Clements is perhaps the most relatable of the line, featuring the life we’ve all pretty much been living over the last year. The blue-hued puzzle even features positive messages like, “It’s OK not to be OK.” 

Available now, both of these puzzles include 500 pieces and measure 22.44 by 16.54 inches when complete. 

de.bored Rainbow Popsicle | Source: KESS

For those looking ahead to warmer days, Rainbow Popsicle from Los Angeles-based artist Kii Arens features an iridescent popsicle in a modern pop art style. This puzzle provides a perfect challenge for those who love gradient and rainbow-style designs. 

de.bored Poolside | Source: KESS

And finally, Poolside, by UK artist Sally Meier, is the most realistic image of the bunch, depicting a relaxing summer day by the pool complete with umbrellas and a more rustic feel. 

Both of these puzzles are available now for preorder and will ship in February. They each feature 1,000 pieces and measure 27.56 x 19.69 inches when complete. 

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Each of KESS’ new de.bored puzzles come in a matte box with a wrap-around design that looks great on a bookshelf. The pieces feature back coating for a smooth finish and limited puzzle dust (always a big plus!).

Designed for puzzlers ages 12 and up, these puzzles provide a lovely, calming activity for teens and adults alike. They feature gorgeous designs from talented artists, high-quality pieces, and brilliant colors. Prepare to de-stress with de.bored puzzles!