There’s nothing like a brainteaser to make you feel really good about yourself… or, to make you question how you made it this far in life with zero common sense.

Take on Kanoodle Head to Head, from Educational Insights, and find out which side on which you fall.

For those already familiar with the head-scratching Kanoodle puzzle game, you know what I am talking about. The latest version of the game challenges players to brainteasers with an added twist. Now, players not only have to crack the code, but they also have to do it before their opponent. If the puzzle wasn’t enough to make you scratch your head, the pressure to get it done first will surely do the trick.

The compact set comes with a gaming platform for players to complete their puzzles and an assortment of puzzle cards. Once a player picks a card from the deck and places it in the slot between the two boards, the race is on. Following the picture card, both players try to get all their pieces on the board. Some challenges are easy and will be finished in no time. But don’t get too confident, because just when a player may think that he or she is a puzzle-solving machine, some tough equations will appear that’ll make him or her break a sweat.

Here comes the fun part: Bragging rights aren’t the only reward to completing a puzzle. For a little extra incentive, the player who solves the puzzle first hits the tab on the upper right corner and sends his or her’s opponent’s game pieces flying. Talk about the cherry on top.

Kanoodle Head to Head is a great game to whip out for some screen-free fun. The puzzles will get the gears going in kids’ heads, and the challenge to beat an opponent adds to the excitement. All the pieces fit nicely inside the game, so parents can throw it in the suitcase and pack it up for some on-the-go family rivalry. Game on!