Having fun blabbing fun phrases during your next game night! | Source: Hasbro Gaming/The Toy Insider

If you are looking for a fun new game for your next family game night, this newbie should make your playlist! Ka-Blab! from Hasbro Gaming is a think-fast card game suitable for tweens, teens, and grown-ups.

Since it’s a card game, it makes for a great virtual game, travel game, backyard party game, and beach game, too! Plus, you can play with 2-6 players, making it a versatile game for various entertaining needs!

Ka-Blab! comes with a fun faux bomb. Once it’s all batteried up, players can pull the fuse on the ticking timer and start playing! Each player gets three tokens and a stack of cards placed facedown in front of them.

Players take turns rolling three dice at a time. As they do, they will get either an X, a blank, the number 1, or the number 2.  If the player gets an X as a result of the roll, they skip their turn – which is a good thing! Otherwise, the player adds up the numbers showing on the dice. The number tallied is the number of things they’ll have to name. For example, if you rolled a 2 and a 1, you would have to name three things.

Players have to blurt out things in key categories before the ticking timer goes Ka-Blab! | Source: Hasbro Gaming

Once you know how many items you have to name, flip over a card in front of you to determine what you have to name. It could be breakfast foods, people on television, or pizza toppings! You have to blurt out all the things quickly in that category until you’ve named as many as you rolled. But the challenge continues, as that player keeps on rolling the dice and yelling out more things until they get an X or roll ALL blanks.

Once you are done, the play passes to the next person, and they have to roll the dice, flip a new card and start blabbing! Each player has to act quickly because if the ticking timer goes “Ka-Blab!” during your turn, you have to pay a token. Play continues until there is only one player with tokens left at the end of the game.

Ka-Blab! is simple in concept but really challenges you creatively and cognitively! It is fun, fast, and makes a great gift. Plus, it can also be a terrific teaching tool to encourage brain processing speed and speech skills. Cognitive consultants, parents, and caregivers may find this game beneficial in other ways as well!

All in all, it is a fun way to blurb and blab with family and friends!