justice league 2

The hype for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is gone, but DC will serve up justice again in 2017 with the Justice League.

While we wait for the newest superhero flick to hit the big screen, Schleich unites DC’s ultimate team with the Justice League Big Set. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and Cyborg have all come together in a seven-piece collector’s set. Kids ages 3 and up can pretend they are part of the Justice League world.

Although the figures are only about 6 inches tall, the characters are shown in majestic positions, showcasing unique qualities to each of them. The figures stand tall on bases designed to look like rugged pieces of land, ensuring they never topple over. Even though the figures don’t feature any articulation, they are still great items to collect and display, with lots of muscle definition and meticulous facial detail.


Superman is shown in his classic red, blue, and yellow suit, with an artfully detailed flowing cape. He is standing with his arms folded like a boss, letting the world know that he is the Man of Steel and leader of the Justice League. Batman is in his black costume with his gold utility belt. Almost every time the Dark Knight is shown anywhere, he has a serious face, and this figure is no exception. With his fists clenched to his side, this Batman is ready for any fight that comes his way.

wonder woman

Let’s not forget about the greatest superheroine and “Aphrodite’s Agent,” Wonder Woman. She sports her star crown and her classic red, blue, and silver costume. Her Bracelets of Submission are in place and she’s grasping her signature golden lasso. Truth be told (pun intended), Wonder Woman is one of the strongest of the bunch, even in figure form.

the flash2

The “Fastest Man Alive” is prepared to zoom into battle. The Flash figure is posed with one of his legs up in the air behind him and his arms in a running position, highlighting his signature super power: super speed. Unlike the more serious members of the Justice League, the Flash is portrayed like his comic book persona, with the trace of a grin creeping across his face. The Green Lantern stands holding his fist halfway up, showing off his iconic ring. Since his ring is what gives him his power, it’s great that the figure highlights the importance of the vibrant green accessory.


The King of the Seven Seas can easily be the “King of the Seven Figures.” Aquaman has one foot on a stone platform that is completely different from the rocky platforms on which the other characters stand on. His gold and green costume features an eye-popping metallic sheen, and the Trident of Neptune is firmly placed in his hand, which is one of the most gripping details of the set. He may not be the most popular member of the Justice League, but he still looks tops. From Teen Titan to Justice League, Cyborg is in his gray and silver outfit (which technically isn’t an outfit). He is holding up his blaster arm, ready for battle. Inside of his blaster, the red coloring shows a realistic portrayal of what his “blast” looks like.

These figures will serve as great items to collect, since they are surprisingly true to their comic counterparts. Never forget: the Justice League heroes are “Gods among us,” and these figures help them live up to their name.