Despite what others may think, I’ve always believed myself to be some kind of a fairy princess. Now, with the new costumes from Just Pretend Kids, people will finally see eye-to-eye with me.

The Enchanted Sea Princess costume takes dress-up under the sea. The magical costume is for every kid who wishes that he or she had fins instead of feet (I may not be a kid, but you can count me in on that vote!). The one-piece features a top with metallic turquoise, scale-like patterns, and a green center. The shoulders of the costume are blue and are made of a puffy, tulle material.

At the waist, the outfit features glittery, tulle peplum that lays on the upper part of the fitted skirt. Covered in blue metallic sequins, the skirt runs right above kids’ ankles. The skirt has pleats to look like a mermaid fin. Due to all the super cool sequencing, the skirt isn’t too stretchy of a material. The bottom portion of the costume—or the mermaid tail—has tons of layers of blue tulle with glitter designs that look like scales.

The sea princess costume also includes a turquoise headband to complete the look. Made from a stretchy plastic and covered in a layer of fabric, kids won’t have to worry about an uncomfortable headband digging into their head (because I still have PTSD from some of my childhood headbands). Additionally, the top of the headband has purple, green, and blue tulle with a shell on top and tiny starfish details. The Enchanted Sea Princess costume is also available in a fuchsia and purple style.

Kids will also be able to take their pretend play on land—or even into the skies—with the Lacey Collection Tutu, which is available in fuchsia and red. Kids’ imaginations will take them to far-off lands or magical worlds while they wear these fun and fluffy tutus.

The tutus feature a silk skirt covered in layers upon layers of tulle and frill. Additionally, there is plenty of gorgeous detailing to dazzle and delight, such as the floral designs on the frill and the large floral bow in the middle of the skirt.

Both, the Enchanted Sea Princess and Lacey Collection Tutu are made for true fairytale daydreamers. No fairytale is complete with out a little magical glitter. Luckily, the sea princess and the tutu have enough glitter to leave a trail of enchanted dust in their wake. Kids will instantly feel magic come to life when they are decked out in their full dress-up look from Just Pretend Kids.