Waterbabies Bathtime Fun Dolls | Source: Just Play/the Toy Insider

After nearly 30 years, Waterbabies are getting a refreshed look and being aligned with an important cause.

Created in the early 1990s by Dan Lauer, Waterbabies dolls have a distinctive, lifelike feel thanks to their water-fill technology. This summer, Just Play — which produces Waterbabies under license from Lauer Toys Inc. — is updating the classic Bathtime Fun assortment with new styles and multiple ethnicities, in addition to forging a new alliance with charity: water.

Waterbabies Bathtime Fun dolls are a familiar fixture in our house — both of our daughters had them during the preschool years. The arrival of a couple of product samples to facilitate this very review was a happy moment as the girls were instantly transported back to a simpler time that was really only a few years ago.

The overall design hasn’t changed that much, sans a few style updates and improvements to the filling method. The Waterbabies Bathtime Fun dolls are around 10 inches tall, and kids can fill their bodies with warm water using a specially designed, included funnel. The result is a doll that wiggles, moves, and feels soft like a real baby. Each doll comes in a flamingo-themed outfit and includes a matching floaty that can be used in the bathtub or pool. Additionally, each doll comes packed with a play shampoo bottle squirter and a towel that kids can use to dry their baby off.

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The overall result is a classic, imaginative play experience that kids can enjoy for years. And, because the Waterbabies are so durable, they’re easily passed down to siblings, cousins, or other kids, though parents should make sure that the water gets changed at least once a week.

Waterbabies Bathtime Fun | Source: James Zahn/the Toy Insider

Just Play will donate a portion of the proceeds from the purchase of each Waterbabies doll to help charity: water in its mission to bring clean and safe water to families in need! The latest Waterbabies come packed in specially marked boxes that showcase the partnership with charity: water.

After all, it’s water that’s been activating the magic of Waterbabies for nearly three decades, so it’s time to give back!