Bring Home Your Favorite Characters from The Emoji Movie

Using emojis makes us ? ?.  Craftily placing them in a text message or an Instagram caption encourage friends and followers to solve a little puzzle or chuckle at our creativity. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but when you combine lil’ pictures and words, the possibilities are nearly endless.

And now, we can even hang out with our favorite little expressions. With the release of Sony’s The Emoji Movie, which hits theaters on July 28, Just Play has a ?  line of plush, collectible figures, and posable light up figures of the film’s top characters.

In the film, the city of Textopolis is filled with the emojis who live on our phones’ messaging app, all displaying their singular emotions designated to their existence, except for the lead character, Gene. Gene ?  is troubled by his wide range of emotions, feeling left out by the rest of his friends, such as✋ and ?..

The collectibles come as both blind bags and as a figure pack of the top characters. There are 12 different figures for kids to collect, such as Doughnut, Lips, and (the best of all) Slobbering Puppy. The Bean plush are soft with embroidered details, and are essentially there for you whenever you need an emoji to cuddle and improve your day. The Light-Up Poseable Figures have moveable arms and legs, and the left arm activates fun effects for kids to interact with.

Gene ?, voiced by T.J. Miller, is an emoji with a range of emotions, unlike the rest of the inhabitants in the bustling city of Textopolis. The line of toys sticks to the smiling version of himself. Gene’s literal right-hand man, Hi-5✋ (voiced by James Corden), is patched up with a blue band aid.

Everyone’s favorite emoji, the poop emoji (or as a select few insist on it being smiling chocolate ice cream) is of course prominent in Just Play’s line of plush and figures. ?  is dressed up a bit for the film likely as a nod to the dapper voice actor, Sir Patrick Stewart, wearing a bow tie that even lights up on his articulated figure. Every poop needs a little pizazz these days ?.

The line also includes Jailbreak (Anna Faris) and Smiler (Maya Rudolph). Although their emojis don’t work on this website, their plush and figures display their emotions expressively with a radiance reflective of their brilliant voice actors.

For kids who prefer to communicate through the little faces and pictures, Just Play’s Emoji Movie line will surely ☀️ brighten up☀️ their day. ? ❤️



Manufacturer: Just Play
MSRP: $2.99-12.99

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