There’s just something about mermaids that fill kids with wonder. We can all use a little more of that in our lives, so if you’re looking for a gift to mermake kids happy, the Just My Style Mermaid Bank from Horizon Group USA is a top pick this year.

Recommended for kids ages 6 and up, this artsy toy serves double-duty as a fun arts and crafts activity that is also a functional savings bank. It starts off as a white ceramic mermaid tail and comes with a paintbrush, three colors of acrylic paint, and a sequin decal sticker that kids can decorate it with.

The metallic colors blend really well together, so even if kids paint outside the lines, it’s easy to mix and layer to create shimmery mermaid hues without feeling constricted. The paint is also slightly sheer and pearly, which makes it a fun quarantine activity that kids can stretch out over a few days as they wait for the layers to dry so they can brush on even more color. The more layers you add, the more the pink, purple, and blue transform into mermaid-esque aqua, teal, lavender, and violet.

There is a smooth area on the mermaid tail above the word “mermazing,” where kids can stick the sequin decal. Once they press it in place, kids can swish the colors back and forth because the sequins are reversible, which is a fun detail.

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There is also a coin slot and a stopper on the mermaid tail so once the decorating process is complete, kids can start using it as a savings bank to store their allowance and birthday money in (or take the opportunity to ask their parents for a holiday bonus)! This makes it a lasting keepsake because kids will actually use it for something instead of dumping it into the toy box.

If you’re into DIY activities, the Just My Style Mermaid Bank is simply fantastic.