Pet-sitting just got a lot wilder — and cuter — with Juno My Baby Elephant, from Spin Master. Juno is the sweet and huggable baby elephant with real personality who grows as she gets to know you.

She’ll start off shy and hide behind her big, flappy ears, but after bonding over some fun play and petting, her silly and playful personality shines through. Watch as she becomes a peek-a-boo master or playfully swings her trunk. Juno can sing, dance, and even play the trumpet — with her trunk filling in, of course. As her friendship grows, her giggles will do the same!

Juno may be a baby, but she’s got a mighty trunk, with lifelike movement and adorable animation. She can play games, interact with her environment, and even give a kiss with her adorably droopy protuberance. And while her ears might not give flight, the soft and round flappers will flutter all the same as Juno expresses herself and reacts to her world. Even her big eyes blink and her little fuzzy tail wiggles, keeping the impression of a real baby elephant alive the moment she’s out of the box. At less than 4 pounds and no bigger than a few bags of circus peanuts, Juno is the easy, on-the-go elephant you never thought you could fit in the backseat.

With more than 150 sounds and movements, Juno reacts to touch and petting atop her forehead, trunk, and face. Bring her back legs forward and Juno enters cuddle mode; pet her cheeks and watch how cutely she responds. She can also play with her two favorite accessories: her toy mouse and her tasty peanut. Teach Juno new tricks, such as bowing and dancing with a well-deserved peanut reward, or starting a fun game of build-a-tune with her equally adorable mouse.

With her big, bright eyes and scruffy pink moptop, Juno is as easy to love as she is easy to take care of. Just four AA batteries bring Juno to life, and her included progress report makes tracking her growth and your growing relationship an ease. Juno is the perfect pet and budding buddy for friends shy and outgoing ages 5 and up.