Junk is being brought to life by alien radiation and kids are the only ones who can pick up all the pieces.

When kids first open a JunkBot dumpster from HEXBUG, all they will see is a mound of garbage. However, quickly after tearing open the trash bags, they will soon realize that everything inside them can become a treasure. Kids can recycle the garage to create the JunkBots by mixing the parts around or using the included picture as a guide.

When they’re done building their rubbish robot they can easily display it on the dumpster. There are a total of 36 JunkBots waiting to be discovered and redesigned. If kids get the same one twice, they can always mix and match parts with the other JunkBots. The more toys kids collect, the more variations of characters they can create. So, yes, it is definitely a very strong possibility that your home is about to get taken over by robots.

Kids will uncover one robot in the smallest dumpster; two bots and an energy module that lights up in the medium-sized garbage; or four bots, an energy module, and a moving motion module in the largest size. The line is on the wallet-friendly side of unboxing toys with prices that range from $4.99-19.99.

JunkBots give kids all the tools to discover a new world of possibilities. They can use their imagination and problem-solving skills to design their own one-of-a-kind bot or practice their strategy skills by building the mismatched robot as intended. Just as the world is now open for the alien-created creatures to explore, JunkBots are also full of possibilities.