Jumbo JamboreeWhen I think of the TOMY Toddler Toys line, I think of products for little ones that will engage them for hours of play. These types of toys are a staple in every home with young kids because it can sometimes be difficult to keep small kids fixated on one thing at a time. One of my new favorites in the line, which will definitely capture a toddler’s attention, is the Jumbo Jamboree.

The elephant itself is one of the cutest baby toys that I have seen all year. His face is sweet and charming, and the different parts to him have bright, vibrant colors. When kids push him along, the elephant becomes a one-man-band and plays five instruments at once. (And I promise it makes a sweet melody instead of incoherent noise!) Parents and toddlers alike will appreciate little details, such as the tail of the elephant acting as the drumstick. But wait, that’s not all!

Jumbo JamboreeLittle ones can also separate the instrument pieces that make up his body to play each instrument by itself. Kids can shake his ears to make a jingling noise, similar to a mini tambourine. They can also pull out the top handle for a drum, a harmonica, and a xylophone. I though that I had figured out all of the pieces until I realized that the elephant’s trunk is a—wait for it—SAXOHPONE! If my face lit up with this feature, you can imagine how a 1-year-old’s reaction would be.

One of the best parts about this toy is how versatile the play is. Parents can play with their kids to create a small band, and since it’s music-based, different songs and melodies can be created each time. Or, kids can play on their own. When kids are done playing, they can match the colors of the pieces to the correct place on the elephant’s body, and the matching teaches sensory skills to the little ones.

The Jumbo Jamboree is engaging, fun, and the perfect toy to give little ones this holiday season.