Many families have no choice but to cancel their summer getaways due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but there are plenty of other ways to bring the adventure home, including the premiere of Jungle Beat: The Movie next week.

The loveable animals from the animated YouTube series Jungle Beat are jumping from the iPad screen to the big screen in a feature film. In Jungle Beat: the Movie, the animals in the jungle discover they can speak for the first time, thanks to an alien who came to conquer the planet. After the alien crashes his spaceship in the jungle, he gets homesick and the animals must help him on his journey home, teaching him that friendship just might be the greatest force in the universe.

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Before families make a movie night out of it, they can download the movie’s playbook for fun activities and ways to turn their homes into a campsite full of adventures. There’s also a chance to win a real-life luxury family vacation by posting photos of the at-home activities on social media with the hashtag #PlanetEarthHugsAgain and following @JungleBeatTheMovie on Instagram.

Some of the activity ideas include turning your living room into a jungle campsite with a blanket tent; having fun in the kitchen with movie-inspired recipes; and completing arts and crafts to get into the Jungle Beat spirit, such as DIY galaxy slime, a talking baby ostrich card, and coloring pages. Click here to check it out!

Jungle Beat: the Movie will premiere on-demand on Friday, June 26.

Watch the trailer below.