Eat your vegetables; do your homework; and lights off at 8:00 p.m.

There’s a laundry list of things that parents and kids will never agree on, and up until recently, clean your room fell somewhere on the top of that list. Thankfully, with a little help from TCG, that may be about to change. The dual purpose Jumbo Tidy Town Chair is not only a comfy spot for little ones to pop a squat, but it’s also a roomy storage compartment for kid’s toys.

Perfect for bedrooms, basements, and playrooms, the chair is available in many of kids’ favorite licenses, including Disney•Pixar’s Cars, Peppa Pig, Disney Princess, Disney Junior Mickey and the Roadster Racers, Thomas & Friends, and more. The Jumbo Tidy Town Chairs are sturdy and will not only securely hold kids, but, with a weight limit of up to 150 pounds, some big kids can also take a seat.

Better yet, each chair features colorfully themed graphics that bring the popular characters to life. For example, when kids sit on the Thomas & Friends Jumbo Tidy Town Chair, they’ll be in good company with animations of Thomas, Percy, and James. Additionally, the Peppa Pig design is a pink chair that features Peppa in all her glory.

Not only can kids kick it back after a long day, but with a little imaginative play, they can also channel their inner Lightning McQueen and take an exhilarating ride to the finish line, or transport themselves to their favorite Disney Princess movie and sit upon their throne.Kids can lift the seat of the chair and open up to a bin of storage room. Now, parents can coax their little ones into cleaning their room by making it a playtime challenge. For example, kids will want to hide all their treasures from Cinderella’s evil stepmother, so they’ll have to hide them in their Disney Princess chair at the end of every play session. Or, make it a 5-minute tidy game and see how many items kids can stow away in their chair before time is up. For those inevitable days when all their persuasive efforts are to no avail, parents can take it upon themselves to do a quick clean-up and tuck all the remnants from a well-played day neatly into the chair.

Transform any play area into a themed hot spot with the Jumbo Tidy Town Chair. Kids will be able to hide all their toys, trinkets, and more and their room will never have looked better.