Get ready for an adventure in our #JourneyGirls Twitter party, sponsored by Just Play, on Friday, Nov. 20 from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. EST. Join us for an hour full of fun, trivia, and giveaways with adorable prizes — just in time for the holidays! During the party, you’ll get to learn all about Just Play’s line of Journey Girls dolls and playsets! Check out our full review of some of our favorites here — and see what you can win this week below!

Journey Girl Dana doll & Vet Center and Yellow Lab

Dana is an animal-lover through and through. She loves taking care of her friends and fur-friends. If anyone is ever in need of a smile, Dana is there to share a cute and silly video of one of her adorable animals. Dana stands 18 inches tall and features beautiful light blue eyes with rooted eyelashes and glasses. Kids will love brushing and styling Dana’s long brown hair.

The Vet Center has everything needed to nurse the yellow lab back to health. Place your Journey Girls puppy on the scale and pretend to take his weight. Girls can also use the thermometer and stethoscope to give a complete wellness check, then use the clipboard to record the visit. If it’s an injury, take their X-Ray and wrap their injury with the soft bandages. Use the play icepack to make them feel better. Once your pet exam is complete, give them a treat for being so good. The Pet Vet Set includes a yellow lab, a scale, two sets of animal cards and x-rays, three bandages, two prescription bottles, a stethoscope, cone, an ice pack, two bones, a water dish, a syringe, a cake, a get-well card, clipboard, a pen, and stickers.
Ages: 6+
MSRP: $34.99 (doll) / $19.99 (Vet Center)
Available: Journey Girl Dana doll / Vet Center

Journey Girl Kelsey doll & Scooter

Always reading about and dreaming of her next adventure, Kelsey loves learning new things and fun facts with friends. Her patient, yet strong-willed nature makes her a great mediator and she often helps her friends resolve their differences. Kelsey stands 18 inches tall and features light green eyes with rooted eyelashes. Kids will love brushing and styling Kelsey’s long red hair.

Beep beep! Your Journey Girl can travel in style on this super cool scooter as she takes in the sights and explores beautiful landscapes. Includes a detachable basket on the back to take along a pet friend or accessories to stop for a roadside picnic and a doll helmet to keep your Journey Girl safe as she heads off on her next adventure. Realistic details and authentic lights and sounds add to the scooting fun.
Ages: 6+
MSRP: $34.99 (doll) / $39.99 (scooter)
Available: Journey Girl Kelsey doll / Scooter

Journey Girl Chavonne doll & Bloomin Trundle Bed

Chavonne is confident and outgoing. She loves to perform and share her knowledge of music with everyone she meets. She believes that life is her stage and isn’t afraid to live it to the fullest. Chavonne stands 18 inches tall and features beautiful hazel eyes with rooted eyelashes. Kids will love brushing and styling Chavonne’s long, jet-black hair.

The Journey Girls Bloomin Trundle Bed is perfect for sleepovers and includes beautiful bedding and pillows. The trundle bed’s wrought iron styling and pure white finish match any décor, and the bedding includes a beautifully quilted comforter. It fits all 18 inches dolls and features a pull-out trundle bed.
Ages: 6+
MSRP: $34.99 (doll) / $49.99 (Bloomin’ Trundle Bed)
Available: Journey Girl Chavonne doll / Bloomin’ Trundle Bed

Journey Girl Kyla doll & Outback 4-Wheel Vehicle

A true artist, Kyla loves expressing herself through her photography. She is a keen observer who always seems to capture the perfect moment, whether photographing her friends or the new places she explores. Kyla stands 18 inches tall and features beautiful hazel eyes with rooted eyelashes. Kids will love brushing and styling Kyla’s long brown hair.

With the Journey Girls Outback 4-Wheel Vehicle, your Journey Girl can travel any rough terrain. There’s room for two Journey Girls 18-inch dolls to sit in this off-road vehicle, which features an open trunk area for storage, seatbelts, a windshield, and a roll bar. Side and rear-view mirrors, plastic headlights, and even a Journey Girls license plate are detailed features of this cool vehicle. With two working doors, it will be easy for Journey Girls to hop in and out of their sturdy ride.
Ages: 6+
MSRP: $34.99 (doll) / $59.99
Available: Journey Girl Kyla doll / Outback 4-Wheel Vehicle

ONE grand prize winner will win a GRAND prize pack featuring a Journey Girl Mikaella doll & a Deluxe Gourmet Kitchen & Baking Set

Journey Girl Mikaella doll & Deluxe Gourmet Kitchen & Baking Set

Open-minded and creative Mikaella never shies away from new experiences. She loves cooking for her friends and introducing them to new foods and cultures. Mikaella stands 18 inches tall and features deep blue eyes with rooted eyelashes. Kids will love brushing and styling Mikaella’s long strawberry-blonde hair.

The Journey Girls Deluxe Gourmet Kitchen & Baking Set serves up endless hours of creative cooking play with your favorite Journey Girl. This sturdy kitchen set features a pretend stove, oven, sink, dishwasher, and fridge and 120 accessory play pieces. Accessory play pieces include a mixer, a mixing bowl, a measuring cup, a measuring spoon set, a spoon, a flipper, a canister, a cookies baking tray, a cupcakes baking tray, glasses, plates, cupcakes, cookies, an apron, a chef hat, an oven mitt, and a cupcake recipe. Open the appliance doors or drawers to store the play food, utensils, and serving sets. The fridge even features a functioning ice maker that drops heart-shaped ice cubes.
Ages: 6+
MSRP: $34.99 (doll) / $99.99 (Deluxe Gourmet Kitchen & Baking Set)
Available: Journey Girl Mikaella doll / Deluxe Gourmet Kitchen & Baking Set

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Want even more chances to win? Follow @thetoyinsider on Instagram for another giveaway! ONE lucky winner will win a prize pack featuring a Journey Girls prize pack, featuring a Journey Girl Dana doll, a Wooden Horse Stable, and a Pretty Palomino Pony!

Wooden Horse Stable and Pretty Palomino Pony

After a long day of riding, it’s important to give your favorite horse a good rest and brush with the Journey Girls Wooden Horse Stable. Featuring a customizable setup and plenty of accessories, your horse will always be ready for their next ride. The Journey Girls Wooden Horse Stable Playset includes a stable set up, a feeding trough, a bale of hay, a carrot, and an apple.

Spend days riding in style with the Journey Girls Pretty Palomino Pony. This champion pony stands 20 inches tall and features a beautiful silky mane. Kids will love using the brush to groom their pony before and after each ride. The Pretty Palomino Pony also features a plush outer body as well as a removable tack. Place your Journey Girl in the saddle and she’s ready for a picturesque trail ride. The Journey Girls Pretty Palomino Pony includes a removable tack, a grooming brush, and a carrot for after riding snacks.
Ages: 6+
MSRP: $34.99 (doll) / $49.99 (Wooden Horse Stable) / $39.99 (Pretty Palomino Pony)
Available: Journey Girl Dana doll / Wooden Horse Stable / Pretty Palomino Pony

*Both giveaways are open to U.S. residents only!

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