Journey Girls

Are you ready for an adventure? Well, Just Play’s Journey Girls dolls are the perfect travel buddies!

Just like kids IRL, each Journey Girl has her own individual and unique style. Each has her own special leadership skill, whether it be a strong and infectious sense of self-confidence or a great way of helping friends through sticky situations. (Everyone needs a friend like that!) However, as most close groups of friends do, they all have a lot in common. I love the messaging of these dolls — everyone is unique and brings something different to the group, which helps to make the whole group stronger.

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Things they all have in common: They all love to travel and explore — and they love to meet new friends and go on new adventures along the way (am I a Journey Girl?). All of the dolls have fashion-forward styles as well, AND they can all share clothes — since they’re all about sharing!

Whether they are an energetic fitness queen like Meredith or a free-spirited nature-lover like Ilee, kids will be able to find a doll that matches their personality and flair. Other dolls include artist Kyla, cooking-lover Mikaella, animal-lover Dana, bookworm Kelsey, dancer Callie, and singer Chavonne. All of these stylish 18-inch dolls have beautiful hair and rooted eyelashes. Plus at an affordable $34.99, these are some of the most accessible 18-inch dolls on the shelves.

The line also includes a lot of different playsets and accessories that can help kids build out their Journey Girls stories. The Journey Girls Pet Vet Set (perfect to pair with a Dana doll) features a sweet yellow lab and everything you need to help care for him. This set is so cute and packed with accessories — all for a $19.99 price point. Kids can place the puppy on the scale to pretend to take its weight and use the thermometer and stethoscope to give the pup a complete wellness check, all while using the clipboard to record the visit. 

If the pup is injured, kids can take an x-ray and then use the three soft bandages to help patch it up! There is also a play ice pack, animal cards prescription bottles, a cone, two bones (for post-check-up treats), a water dish, a syringe, a cake, a get-well card, and stickers. Although no doll is included, this playset features so much imaginative fun, kids will love to play over and over again.

Two Journey Girls can go on an adventure together over any rough terrain with the Outback 4-Wheel Vehicle. It features an open trunk area for storage, seatbelts, a windshield, a roll bar, side and rear-view mirrors, plastic headlights, and a Journey Girls license plate, so kids can get the full 4-Wheel experience. The two working doors let the 18-inch dolls hop in and out. If you’re going to go on an adventure with your BFF, you need a sweet ride, and this 4-Wheel Vehicle is definitely it. 

So pack up the trunk and get ready for a big adventure with all of the fantastic Journey Girls products from Just Play. Adventures are much more fun with friends!