The Happy Kid Kit | Source: Jollie

The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful on everyone, especially kids, but wellness company Jollie is helping kids find mindfulness with the Happy Kid Kit.

The kit comes full of activities, tools, and games that will help kids play more creatively and introduce them to yoga and other healthy lifestyle choices. Available now, each kit includes a set of feathers, pom poms, straws, and guidance cards to assist with breathing exercises. Kids can learn the basics of yoga and get active with the playful yoga pose game that includes a set of colorful dice with images displayed on each side and cards that illustrate stretchy and balanced-based yoga poses.

The Happy Kid Kit | Source: Jollie

The kit also includes ingredients to create a mindfulness jar meant to soothe kids’ minds, as well as coloring pages and stickers full of yoga poses. Kids can also make reading time more zen with Breathe and Be, a book of poems written by Kate Coombs.

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The Happy Kid Kit gives kids an unlimited amount of mindful fun, creating new ideas for playtime while introducing them to the fundamentals of a healthy mental state. The kit is available now on Jollie’s website. Plus, Jollie donates 5% of all sales to yoga therapy programs.