Jenga Giant JS6 | Source: Art’s Ideas

Thanks to Art’s Ideas, you can supersize your next backyard BBQ or playdate with a Jenga game of epic proportions.

Jenga Giant JS6 stacks more than 4 feet high, and each block is made from precision-crafted, premium hardwood. Unlike more unofficial versions, this set is real Jenga, giving players the familiar tabletop experience they know and love in an XL version.

The game comes with a carry bag, so families can take this giant activity to the beach or a friend’s house with ease. The set as a whole is a bit heavy, weighing in at about 16 pounds, so plan on parents doing all of the carrying. But, a heavy set means one important thing: high quality.

Source: Art’s Ideas

This Jenga set is extremely durable, featuring blocks that will surely survive countless games of Jenga and lasting for many years to come.

Jenga Giant JS6 brings family game night outside, for a more exciting, engaging, and active play experience. The Jenga blocks are more than eight times the size of those found in the classic tabletop version. And giant epic towers also make for mega jumbo crashes when everything comes tumbling down.

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For those unfamiliar with Jenga, players take turns removing one block from the tower and replacing it back on top. It’s a delicate balancing act, and players must try to keep the tower steady while removing each block. The player who causes the tower to collapse loses the game.

With Jenga Giant JS6, the tower starts at about 22 inches tall, but as players add blocks to the top it can stack to more than 4 feet high for a life-sized Jenga experience. The game is still best played on a table or stable surface.

Source: Art’s Ideas

And this game is not just child’s play. Mega versions of unbranded Jenga are popping up at outdoor bars, breweries, and other locations all over the country — but this version is different than what you may have already seen, because it’s an official Jenga game with quality you can rely on. And if you’re looking for something even bigger, or perhaps even more high-end, Art’s Ideas has lots of different options for every family.

Designed for players ages 8 and up, Jenga Giant is a great game that can be played solo or in small or large groups, making it the perfect activity for virtually any summer situation. The oversized blocks make the familiar gameplay new again.

Bring big fun outdoors all summer long with Jenga Giant JS6.