Baby, you can drive my car.

That’s not just a catchy hit from the Beatles (Belt it out, you know you want to!), but also the idea behind a new set of wheels from BB Junior. Little speedsters may not have mastered the art of one foot in front of the other, but they can still fuel their need for speed. The My First R/C collection, from BB Junior, lets tiny tots go from 0 to 60 in no time.

From the same company that brings us Maisto vehicles, BB Junior is a new line of wheels designed for preschoolers. The range includes cars, trucks, and motorcycles that feature fun effects, including lights, sounds, and more. Additionally, every vehicle comes with developmental information for parents that explains the skills that kids will strengthen as they take their couped up ride to the streets.

The My First RC collection includes two different vehicles: Jeep and Ferrari. Both are designed with little ones in mind, and consist of light, chunky plastic builds. The Jeep Wrangler is orange and black, while the Ferrari is red and black. Both sets of wheels have big, eager eyes. Additionally, the R/Cs have headlights and taillights that light up depending on the direction that kids steer them in.

The R/C cars are easy-to-use and give kids a taste of what its like to cruise in style. With just three big buttons on the remote control, kids will be able to control the direction of the vehicle. As they move the Jeep or Ferrari with the green up arrow and the red down arrow, they will develop large and small motor skills and begin to grasp cause and effect concepts. Little racers can also push the bigger, middle button to make a beeping horn sound effect.

Additionally, the R/C steering wheel features motion sensors, and kids can make the cars turn either left or right as they move the remote in that direction. Not only will this delight little ones during playtime, but it also strengthens hand-eye coordination skills.

The My First R/C line introduces little ones to the world of remote control toys. The basic model and features makes it easy for kids to strengthen important developmental skills, and also adds a new thrill to playtime.