There’s nothing like an adventure with Peppa Pig! Kids will have an oinktastic time with Peppa and her whole family with Jazwares’ variety of Peppa Pig toys, including Peppa Pig’s Transforming Campervan, Peppa Pig’s Fair, and the Peppa Pig Performing Arts Center, recommended for kids ages 2 and up.

The largest play set of the bunch is Peppa Pig’s Transforming Campervan. “Are we nearly there yet?” asks Peppa Pig when kids press the button on the dashboard, along with other phrases and sounds from the show. Kids can join Peppa and her family on a road trip—the van has wheels on the bottom that really roll. When Peppa arrives at her destination, kids can set up camp by opening the van to transform it into a two-story play set.

Peppa and her family must have a lot of moolah because this is one spacious RV, with a kitchen, a living room, a lofted bedroom, and a playroom. The kitchen has an oven with a rotating door with different decals on it, so kids can take a peak in to see what’s cooking—corn on the cob, a pizza pie, or a cake, depending what you’re in the mood for. There’s tons of details decorating the play set, including a sticker with bubbles and socks inside the drier, a sink full of dishes, and a playroom full of toys.

The van seats are removable for additional outside seating, and the bed flips over to turn into a pool (I wish my bed did that). Accessories such as an outdoor fire pit, a picnic table, a removable shower, detachable ladders, and a slide give the set extra play value to keep kids entertained. The set also includes figures of Peppa Pig, George, Mummy Pig, and Daddy Pig. And as a bonus that parents will love, all the pieces can be stored inside the van, making for easy clean up.

Kids can exercise their creativity with the Peppa Pig Performing Arts Center, which includes features of Performer Peppa Pig (wearing a tutu and a crown) and Magician Pedro Pony (wearing a top hat and a bow tie). There are five rooms to play in, including a rehearsal studio, a dressing room, and a concession area so kids can play pretend with music, art, or magic to entertain their pretend audience. Each room is decorated with wall paper with details including chandeliers, guitars, curtains, and paintings to bring the play set to life. There are eight accessories, including a vanity, a popcorn machine, an easel with a painting of Peppa in a tutu, and more.

The fold-out theater stage has four seats that figures can actually sit in, so if kids own multiple Jazwares sets, they can have some of their other Peppa figures sit in the audience.

And like the Transforming Campervan, the play set folds up to close when kids are done playing, and all the pieces can be stored inside.If kids want a carnival day, they’ll have a blast with Peppa Pig’s Fair, which is a little different than the other play sets because it is made of individual pieces rather than one larger entity, which is pretty much exactly like a carnival! There’s a ferris wheel with four seats that figures can be placed in, and the ferris wheel really moves, just like the real thing. Same with the merry-go-round, which has three animal seats that spin around.


The bridge piece creates a path from one ride to another, and there are accessories that add even more fun, including the fun house mirror and a game booth that comes with a giant panda prize. This set includes Peppa and her brother George.

My favorite part about all of these play sets are that the figures are customized to fit the theme—Peppa is wearing a tutu in the Performing Arts Center like a ballerina beauty, Daddy Pig has a camera around his neck in the Transforming Campervan (he is on vacation, after all), and George has a lollypop in hand at Peppa Pig’s Fair (George knows that the snacks are the best part of any carnival)!

Almost all of the accessories in each play set are removable, so kids can easily mix and match to combine different sets and create a larger-than-life Peppa Pig world.

And if kids can’t get enough of Peppa, they can get even more of the cheeky little piggy with the Peppa Pig: Stars DVD, which has 12 Peppasodes about Peppa and her family’s space adventures. Daddy Pig helps Peppa and George learn about stars through a telescope, and then Peppa’s family takes a trip to the moon when they visit the museum’s out of this world exhibition. The fun with Peppa never ends!