Young master builders and battle royale fans of any age can jump off the battle bus and into imaginative play with the new line of Fortnite toys from Jazwares.

The line includes seven different products for Fortnite fans ages 8 and up, all inspired by characters and accessories from the popular video game from Epic Games.

The primary focus of the line is a set of collectible, 4-inch figures depicting 13 of the popular Fortnite “skins,” AKA avatars players can battle as in the game. Fans can collect Bandolier, Drift, Rex, Raven, Teknique, and more through a variety of single packs, starter packs, and blind box reveals. The figures themselves are highly posable, with 19 points of articulation, making it easy for fans to recreate and invent action scenes (or dances!) from the game.

In addition to weapons and back bling (backpack-style accessories), the figures also come with varying amounts of wood, stone, and metal “materials,” which kids can use to create forts like they do in the game. The squares snap together to create the structures, though younger kids may need some assistance learning how to attach them. The individual squares of material also double as stands for the figures, with plastic pegs that fit into holes in the figures’ feet.

If kids want to collect the most accessories, the best toys for them are the Loot Chest Collectible Accessory Set Assortment or the Llama Drama Loot Pinata.

The loot crate includes a variety of weapons and building materials for the 4-inch figures. It combines the Fortnite brand with the unboxing trend, as kids don’t know exactly which accessories they’ll find inside. The pinata takes the unboxing to yet another level, with more than 20 individually packed surprises inside. Kids may be tempted to rip the pinata to open it, which they certainly can, but opening it with care means they can keep and display the pinata itself. Unlike the loot llamas in the video game, this llama includes plenty of weapons—10 of them to be exact. It also includes an exclusive Rust Lord figure, stone building materials, and back bling.

For the most skin figures, get the Squad Mode Four Figure Pack, which comes with Ragnorok, Rex, Cuddle Team Leader, and Brite Bomber figures. Each figure comes with a weapon, harvesting tool, and one wood building material.

To get the most materials for epic fort building, get the Turbo Builder Set Two Figure pack, which includes 81 material squares, as well as Jonesy and Raven figures.

The only toy that doesn’t come with accessories and/or figures is the Llama Loot Plush, a 7-inch plush recreation of the Fortnite loot llama. He makes a great gift for Fortnite fans, or future Fortnite fans, because the embroidered features make the llama suitable for any age.

With so many different figures and accessories to collect, these toys offer a creative alternative to screen time that will still fulfill kids’ love of Fortnite.